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Cybersecurity is the next economic battleground​

Published on: 02-Apr-2017

SINGAPORE: There are few parallels to the breakneck speed at which Singapore has transformed itself from a rural backwater into a gleaming, urban financial hub in less than 50 years.

And there is barely time to pause for breath as we now charge ahead towards transforming ourselves yet again, this time into a Smart Nation. Ours is already a hyper-connected society, heavily plugged into a digital world, and built on a core infrastructure comprising of numerous cyber systems. The current era of automation and big data is expected to further increase Singapore society’s dependence on the digital world.

It means Singapore’s exposure to such threats will also increase, and already, we have seen evidence of this.

Four years ago, several government and other websites were defaced in a series of cyberattacks. In October last year, local telco Starhub was hit by two distributed denial of services attacks. Just about a month ago, a data breach led to the theft of the personal data of 850 national servicemen and Ministry of Defence employees.​

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Source: Channel NewsAsia

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